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Protect our liberties; Repeal the Steal



For the People

My name is Chris Connell, and I want to represent the people of District 68 in Madison. The elites in this country and indeed in Madison have lost touch with us, the people who put their shoulder to the wheel every day. 


90% of Republicans support Donald Trump and the America First agenda. The other 10% won't let go of their iron grip on the reigns of power within the party. They think they know better than us. They fancy themselves our leaders and forget that they are supposed to be our representatives. I'm a mechanic from Chicago who moved to Eau Claire 25 years ago because I love it here, and I haven't been disappointed. And now it's time for me to fight for the people of Wisconsin.

I will fight for the Republicans who feel abandoned by their own party. I will fight for the disaffected Democrats who are not on board with the radical direction their party has veered in. I will fight for the patriots who are not OK with a wide open border and modern day slavery in the form of foreign nationals illegally being deposited all over the country in the largest human trafficking operation in human history. I will fight for the parents of all political persuasions who are nauseated by the radical extremists who took control of our school boards and masked our kids in exchange for money while they churn out gender-confused, America hating robots. 

I will fight for every single person who feels left behind and neglected by a ruling-class aristocracy who seem more interested in their own self-aggrandizement and power than they do about the good of the country. Please send me to Madison. I will represent you against those who have forgotten that this government is meant to be by the consent of the people. 



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