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Copy of Patriots United of the Chippewa Valley present a free showing of "2000 Mules"

The Patriots for Connell Campaign is thrilled to announce an important opportunity for people in the Chippewa Valley and beyond.

On June 2, Patriots United Chippewa Valley will be hosting a public showing of 2000 Mules, currently the most important documentary of our time. This documentary chronicles some of the most egregious illegal ballot box stuffing using "mules" and ballot stash houses during the 2020 election. The documentary presents the evidence in an easily digestible manner. While this is just one aspect of the fraud, it alone is enough to show that a criminal enterprise impacted the outcome of our election.

The showing will be on Thursday, June 2 at 6:30pm at Harvestime Church, 341 W Prairie View Rd in Chippewa Falls.

We can only have meaningful and intelligent debate on the merits of the evidence if we first see the movie. We know that big media and big tech are ignoring, censoring and shutting down efforts to investigate and expose the evidence. I hope our local media will take the lead in seeking and shining a light on the truth. I hope our local media will start by seeing the movie. I am grateful that Patriots United Chippewa Valley is providing an easy opportunity to do so.

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