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Republican Party of Eau Claire County passes resolution to decertify

Updated: May 30, 2022

Thank you to all the patriots who came out yesterday to the annual caucus and helped me pass the resolution I authored in support of the effort to reclaim the electors from the fraudulent 2020 election. It was a hard battle against the establishment types who gave the lame party line arguments about how it's unconstitutional (contrary to the opinion of former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman), how there is no mechanism, how we need to look forward not back, how there's no point because the other states won't decertify and all the other pathetic excuses to sweep the stolen election under the rug. If they worked half as hard at proving the fraud as they do at helping the Democrats hide it we would have unraveled this thing a long time ago. But they were surprised at how many patriots showed up to exert their will and we sent a message; we are not going to forget. Great job patriots and this shows that we need to be in the party to fix it. My version of "election integrity" is to put the people who committed election crimes in 2020 in jail. You'll have more election integrity than you'll know what to do with when people realize there are consequences for election and voter fraud.

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